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    Special Deals

Here you will find our Special Deals, designed especially for those who want to experience the Safari emotions together with other people, sharing the same passion for adventure!

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    Our Safaris

We offer the best safaris in all the Tanzania’s National Parks, from one to eleven days, tailor made, from the most adventurous public tent camp to the exclusivity and the romanticism of the lodge, fully respecting the nature that surrounds us and in love and admiration for all the animals.

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    Natural Parks

Starting from the Arusha National Park, continuing to Lake Maniara, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Serengeti National Park and the Tarangire, Tanzania offers some of the most beautiful and still unspoiled spectacles of this land.

All natural areas protected by the government of Tanzania itself, some of them also declared by UNESCO, a World Heritage Site.

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    Create your own safari

Not happy about our fixed programs?

Do you want to change the plan or the length of your stay?

Would you like to add extra days to sunbathe and relax in a paradise beach in Zanzibar, while sipping your favorite cocktail? Or would you like to try an amazing trekking in the Kilimanjaro?

Together we can help you to create your own safari, that will suit you perfectly.

  Why Choose us?

Christopher McCandless wrote “happiness is only real if shared”.

We truly believe in it and we want you to experience the same emotions we felt in our first Safari. We literally fell in love with this land.

We did not choose our guides based solely on their experience and knowledge about flora and fauna; we also chose them for their ethic, genuine and pure love of “Mama Africa”: Mother of all lands.

We will look after your wishes, step by step from the beginning. We will deliver costumer care in every single moment, answering questions, clarifying doubts and making your experience unforgettable.

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    Special Deals

The most suggestive African Natural Parks